Rajesh Parvathini, Associate Business Analyst
(College – Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)

"Open environment at Denuosource offers independence and support to demonstrate one’s full potential. Diversity of the engagements offers endless opportunities to excel. I was benefited from exposure to different industry and functional areas. The challenges and problems will prepare one for leadership roles more quickly"

Swetha Madhavarapu, Business Analyst
(College - University of Southern California, Los Angeles)

“I strongly believe DS provides a very motivating environment where every associate gets to learn new things every day. I feel lucky to be a part of an organization where my fellow-associates are always willing to help me grow both professionally and otherwise.”

David Morley, Engagement Manager

"Denuosource provides their associates the opportunity exposure to clients from a large variety of different industries. They also provide the opportunity to work in a very strong international team environment. No matter where you are in your career, they place a very high priority on professional development and mentorship. At Denuosource, associates are supplied with very structured growth objectives and have the opportunity to learn from other experts in a number of technical and consulting disciplines."

J. Winkclebach, Engagement Manager in Training

“DenuoSource has provided me with a platform to grow my career in the direction of my choice. By encouraging associates to follow their intellectual curiosity and further their own career interests, DS is just as much a learning institution as it is a great place to work.”