Welcome to DenuoSource Under increasing pressure to develop profitable health insurance products in times of uncertain political and societal requirements, the Insurance industry has resorted to their huge payment, patients and health provider data records to generate the next generation of consumer policies. Through detailed analytical practices, our Insurance Clients have refined their marketing practices, customer services policies and product development.

Our most popular practice is setting up scalable Analytical Service Bureaus, with both onshore and offshore resources, that can execute detailed churn studies, marketing investment ROI evaluations and targeted product offerings. With our cost effective Service Bureaus, we are able to scale up to both long term Business Intelligence Reporting projects and short term, ad hoc Marketing Analytic exercises.


Client Background

A national retail chain in U.S. with more than 300 stores spread over 51 different geographical clusters


Business Situation

Retailer witnessed store sales declining significantly over past few years despite same/increased level of media spend allocation



To understand media spend and sales for improving its return on media at store level for geographic clusters. To optimize & reallocate the media spends