As Hospitals, out-patient facilities and other health providers compete for an increasingly smaller pool of non-discounted patients, their needs to identify the targeted healthcare consumer, their referring physician and their provider has risen up to be one of the most pressing needs in the industry. Combined with an ultra sensitive data handling environment, Healthcare analytics is one of the trickiest practice areas in the industry. And most rewarding…

DenuoSource’s Healthcare Practice focuses on augmenting the current staff teams in large, national operations that help synthesize millions of healthcare records, physician reports and insurance codes into local action plans designed to build stronger trust and relationships. As our client’s focus on specific services to offer their market area, our experts help refine their community outreach programs, doctor education services and value-added provider programs.


Client Background

A national retail chain in U.S. with more than 300 stores spread over 51 different geographical clusters


Business Situation

Retailer witnessed store sales declining significantly over past few years despite same/increased level of media spend allocation



To understand media spend and sales for improving its return on media at store level for geographic clusters. To optimize & reallocate the media spends