Welcome to DenuoSource With new products being introduced every 6 months and consumer technology trends constantly changing, Hi Tech companies require an ongoing analysis of their key data inputs in order to stay on top of these dynamic forces. DenuoSource works along side our Hi Tech partners, providing short, intense analytical exercises that help launch, optimize and evaluate these innovation blasts.

Hi Tech Marketing is the fastest growing consumer vehicles in the industry, driving huge data bases of text records, tweets and web site visits. This richness of data can overwhelm the normal staff structure in a matter of weeks. DenuoSource augments their efforts with data management support, actionable analytics and ongoing reporting.


Client Background

A national retail chain in U.S. with more than 300 stores spread over 51 different geographical clusters


Business Situation

Retailer witnessed store sales declining significantly over past few years despite same/increased level of media spend allocation



To understand media spend and sales for improving its return on media at store level for geographic clusters. To optimize & reallocate the media spends