Our Consumer Product clients deal with demanding retailer partners, ever changing consumer needs and intense competition from many angles. In addition, they are dealing with millions of transactions, complex syndicated data bases and complicated market research. Their need for integrated analytical expertise ranges from the product development stages to the Shopper’s Insight plan implementation.

Throughout DenuoSource’s CPG practice, we have industry experts that have spent a number of years developing foundational reporting systems that tell the brand “what is going on”…to advanced analytical projects that predict “what is going to happen.” Our analytical services apply to every department within the CPG Headquarters: Market Research, Brand Teams, Category Management, Shoppers Insights and Marketing/Sales Operations.


Client Background

A national retail chain in U.S. with more than 300 stores spread over 51 different geographical clusters


Business Situation

Retailer witnessed store sales declining significantly over past few years despite same/increased level of media spend allocation



To understand media spend and sales for improving its return on media at store level for geographic clusters. To optimize & reallocate the media spends