Our professional service partners must constantly present new and innovative solutions to their clients that are backed by hard analytical facts and ROI supporting evidence. As they focus on their core expertise, DenuoSource focuses on providing upfront research and analysis that can be used on “winning new clients” or the backend review of their recommendation to determine its impact. Our teams form long term understanding of our professional service partners operating style and react responsively to urgent request.

Professional Service Partners include management consultant groups, advertising agencies and marketing service providers. Each client has their own requirements that involve different levels of data, speed of service and funding requirements. With DenuoSource’s flexible, scalable and cost effective global model, we work with our partners to maximize their impact on their clients


Client Background

A national retail chain in U.S. with more than 300 stores spread over 51 different geographical clusters


Business Situation

Retailer witnessed store sales declining significantly over past few years despite same/increased level of media spend allocation



To understand media spend and sales for improving its return on media at store level for geographic clusters. To optimize & reallocate the media spends